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    Cool The final cigar

    Hi guys just want to share my progress of my survivor guy with you...

    I decided to call this piece "The final cigar".

    After a fight with "Infected", Frank was badly injured and unfortunately he got bitten on his arm. As he got not much time left and nothing to lose now he decided to sacrifice his own life to save other people (His group).
    He gathered explosives and lurked infected to come his way and by doing so he will trigger the explosion by dropping his cigar into petrol that is pouring out of the barrel...
    I have a much bigger picture of this scene in my head and how I really want it to look like.
    My idea is to add "infected" running at Frank, add more environment scene to it and make it feel way more dramatic very much Tarantino's style.
    So it's still a lot of work to be done...
    This is just a quick mock up of what I have in mind...
    I'll be working on "infected" and maybe add more environment soon...

    Hope you like it...

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    Man what a great piece. Looking forward to see the environment update.

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    Nice storytelling, sounds like you've got a plan to add more, excited to see what's in store!

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