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    Default Schierke from Berserk Fan Statue Sculpt

    Hey everyone,
    This is a project I started a few weeks ago. Its a fan made statue of Shierke from the Manga Berserk. I'm trying to make this project as if it were a Collectible statue so right now I'm working on the sculpt of the character and the base and then I'm gonna do the keying. I'm also gonna texture it and try to get some nice renders out of it.

    Here's some of my progress so far.

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    Some more work in progress shots. Started sculpting in some more details in the clothes. Still need to polish them up quite a bit.

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    Here's an update with some Keyshot lighting and rendering. I also started sculpting in the base she'll be placed on

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    Here's some more of the base I created over this weekend and sticking with the same lighting setup. Still figuring out placement and sizing for it.

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    Latest update Spent a lot of time polishing the face and eyes. Added some color to the surface noises on the clothes to make it pop a bit more. Bunch of other things as well but also made her bag much bigger haha

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    Adjusted the cape and repositioned her left arm to create a more dynamic pose. Also twisted the hat around to catch a better silhoutte.

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    I gave the boots some more love, also added some more detail to her staff and her bag. Starting to experiment now with the textured version in Keyshot. This will be the last week of working on this piece so should be done soon

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    Finished up the rest of the base and really started to dig my heels into the Keyshot scene. It's been taking me a long time but I think I'm starting to understand how to wrangle Keyshot a bit better thanks to this project. Here's my first pass so far. Still some tweaks I want to make on materials and certain pieces before I do the final renders.

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    Starting to iron out final renders

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    Schierke is finished! Here's a handful of final renders. I've also posted full quality images on Artstation if anyone is interest Thanks for viewing everyone!

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    good job man!

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    Thanks Ehren! Really appreciate it

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