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    Mature Audiences Sketchbook: Gyzmotnik (A-Z of D&D)

    I'm getting into digital miniature sculpting and have set myself a little project for the purposes of having a goal. I'm going to make an A-Z of monsters from D&D. Main goals are to take many miniatures to completion and learn as much as I can along the way. Rules guideline: at least one letter per week (sourced mostly from Volos guide and Monster Manual).

    If all goes well I will put some time/money into printing some later in the summer. I won't be keying every model, but I will at least try to make models feasable for keying and printing in their final versions (avoiding things like splayed fingers and tiny flyaway details on finals). Visual style may vary as I find my feet on this one. I will try to post at least a couple of times per week to keep myself interested - feedback is welcome.

    FIRST UP -

    A is for ANNIS HAG:

    C&C welcome, also general abuse for falling behind on posting wouldn't go amiss, but I'm hoping that won't be needed.... long road ahead.

    Story for the pose on this one... the Annis Hag is known to pull out one of its iron teeth or nails and shape it into a token. She can communicate through this token with the creature who possesses it. The pose is meant to be her offering said token - she will be clothed (in human skin rags) in the final.

    This is day 2 of working on her (not full days, just hours where I can snag them).

    I am also posting on polycount, and I will probably be a little more active over there, with occasional posts here as things move along. Don't want to spend too long on posting - cause I already let myself get distracted too easily.

    Polycount thread

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    Default update

    Annis Hag update. Another couple of sessions and I'll put her in the rendering pile... it's quite a small pile. Once she's finished there'll be one mini in it. I'm going to wait until I have as far as "D" completed before I do a bunch of nice renders together.

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    Pretty much finished Annis Hag. Improvements to be made for future designs, but I don't have time to put them in on her. She will be rendered by the 17th (I'm doing the modelling of A-D in a batch and then rendering them all together to give myself a chance to spend a few days running playing with keyshot to really sink my teeth into it. I'm happy with the for a first effort, but there's so much room to improve, especially as far as effficency goes.

    Some of the other B-D sculpts to their current point of completion. They all have to be done for next wednesday, so lots left to do!

    B might be beholder or bugbear. Both are being player with

    c is carrion crawler... more work to come on the eyes. The concept in the books has big eyes, but the creature's anaotomy is heavily based on the cutworm - and I love their tiny eyes and massive heads, so I want to play that up.

    cheating a little here - D is for druid. This really isn't in the monster manual, but I'm letting myself away with it because I did a doodle of this guy in a sketchbook and wanted to make a model of him, and after all, what's the point of a personal project if you can't bend the rules a little. This are all due to be finished modelling next Wednesday 10th May, then I have a week of time to really get to know Keyshot and get the first attempts at rendering them all in it. The plan is also to try to cut up and key one of the models and send it to Shapeways for printing so that I have something to put on my shelf. I want to do a print for each of the four miniatures I make, so I can start having a little collection. Sort of a reward for getting to the end of each block of figures. Also a good way to get a sense of how the detail and proportions on my screen translates to a miniature.

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    group shot

    Annis Hag, current progress

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