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    Default Mel Gibson CG portrait

    Hey guys,
    CG render of my favorite movie director Mel Gibson.
    during this process i've figured that i'm not a technical guy,
    i was struggling with standard hair and fur in the 3ds max,
    here is the result that i was able to achieved so far.

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    Default 5 Stars

    Amazing artwork, captured everything right, not an easy task by any means. Love it, I am sure Mel would be proud of it too. I also think he's an excellent director & actor.
    If you don't mind me asking, what program did you use for the hair? I think you have done the hair excellent by the way.

    Very inspirational, a certain top row.

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    Thanks guys, i was using 3ds max v-ray render, standard shaders for the skin and cloth, and standard modifier hair & fur

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