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    HI guys let me introduce , I'm Alejandro Castiblanco, its my first time posting here. I'm 3D artist, recently I dediced to be focused in modeling and texturing task after being generalist , I want to be posting some of my final works and wips, to get feedback and opinions from you all.

    Actually I'm working on these guys, for the artstation challenge, Working with zbrush and other softwares to complete this

    This is the treath.


    And something of my portfolio.


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    Video Adriel Beyond HUman Artystation Challenge

    As my entry for the artstation competition I made ADRIEL, a character created by a great artist Heri Irawan. as part of the concept of his character in the same challenge.

    I have chosen this because it is a great opportunity to try organic forms and mixed hard surfaces. I finally felt comfortable with the result. The idea now, when I have freedom with this piece is to try to push it into a better shape and more when the challenge is over and I can do with it as I want, without following rules.

    I made the base model in zbrush, part of which was retopologized within zbrush and another part completed in other programs, I love how versatile it has become zbrush and more with the latest version.

    I hope you like it.

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