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    Cool KIKO by Marian

    Hola! después de mucho tiempo parece que volví a un antiguo proyecto personal. Les dejo un avance de mi trabajo estas ultimas 3 semanas en las cuales me centré en texturizar , poner materiales , pelos etc de la zona de la cabeza hasta el cuello. Actualmente estoy trabajando en la ropa así que próximamente voy a estar retopologizando en zbrush unos modelos que estoy probando en MDesigner. Espero que les agrade la imagen pues me está tomando bastante tiempo, aunque me pongo contento con cada pequeño avance que estoy haciendo. La tercera es la vencida decimos algunos, y asi parece, aunque en mi caso es la cuarta o quinta vez que hago un busto, pero la primera que me meto de lleno con el fin de terminarlo...
    Por cierto, el modelo esta basado en la actriz japonesa Kiko Mizuhara ...

    Saludos desde Argentina!
    Comentarios y criticas son bienvenidas...!

    Hello! After a long time it seems that I went back to an old personal project. I leave an advance of my work these last 3 weeks in which I focused on texturizing, putting materials, hairs etc from the area of ​​the head to the neck. I am currently working on clothes so soon I will be retopologizing in zbrush some models that I am testing in MDesigner. I hope you like the image because it is taking a lot of time, although I am happy with every little progress I am making. The third is the defeated we say some, and so it seems, although in my case is the fourth or fifth time I make a bust, but the first that I get full in order to finish ...
    By the way, the model is based on the Japanese actress Kiko Mizuhara ...

    Greetings from Argentina!
    Comments and criticism are welcome ...!

    si, soy muuy lento

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    Default New Update before final "photoshooting"

    Hi! here a new update before final "photoshooting". I learned a lot with this project and hope you like it!
    Always Blender Cycles SSS shader with fully hand painted textures , blender hair and fur, some MD clothes with photo based textures...


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    Impressive, and a good use of Cycles.
    Painting by hand takes more time, but the result is always more one's own. It's the opposite of the 'quickly and easily' trends that only cares for results. In fact: if you love doing something, then why hurry to have it done with?


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    Eric I'm trying to give my best in this job. The skin shader's credit is for Andrei Cristea, he did an amazing job and he shared it for free. Previously I was setting up my own shader but this one is by far superior to anything I could have achieved in this matter...

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    Cool Kiko_A

    Hello everyone. I share the image of KIKO. Modeled in Zbrush. Skin textures hand painted and rendered in Blender Cycles.
    Hope you like it!


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    Hi there... !

    I'm still working on the character ... this time a complete pose. Here an image with the basic lighting that I used to set the skin shader ... I should try a scene with a simple lighting setting like this image or follow the original idea that I used in the first final render? I think that although these light set way serve a lot to give it realism, but always the idea of ​​a character in an environment that is not a lighting studio seemed more fun and a better way to show you my work. I hope you understand the translation of google (¬、¬)

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    Little update

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    Working on this image, full color etc etc, but sometimes a noisy scratched pic is a more convincing image...

    Also working in a little breakdown for those Zbrushers and Blender lovers

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    Default Kiko_b

    Hello I'm leaving the last image of Kiko, I think it's time to continue with another project. I really had the opportunity to do all the mistakes and learn a lot , especially from all the extra work I did to the model and didn't have the opportunity to use at the final shot. My idea was always to do a realistic study but also to give something natural to the portrait and the "photographed" situation. The most difficult thing was the smile, I think it is one of the most difficult expressions to recreate without result in a disturbing grimace. Anyway you have the last word. There are two images, one color and one black and white, a screenshot and a small breakdown of the first part of Kiko's modeling process (I will update all the process) ...

    Like always, KIKO was modeled in Zbrush. Skin textures hand painted in ZBrush too, rendered in Blender Cycles with displacement sss shader, hair, fur and eyes...
    Enjoy ...


    The modelling process is just a base mesh from another project I modified and detailed,
    then split in several subtools to give more detail and paint maps (and for the safe of my pc XD ),
    finally exported the base mesh and applied the displacements and textures maps in Blender...

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice! You know you're doing it right when the other guy (me) has trouble telling if the it's a render or a reference pic at first glance.

    Just my humble opinion, but there's something about the teeth that breaks the realism of the render. If I put a finger in front of the monitor to block off just the teeth, the face suddenly becomes near photo-realistic.

    Either way, great job!

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    Yes, the teeth is something that does not convince me yet (I'm working on). Also I would like to know your opinion about the ambient light, it is incredible how it modifies the colors and it's something strange when you compare B&W vs color versions of the same render (I'm thinking its something about the color and not about ambience power ). The skin and the tones look totally different when working with studio lights and a minimal ambient light, that was how I approached skin values ​​and shading settings.

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