Hey guys!
I wanted to start posting a while ago the wip, but time flies and now it's finished.
This was a personal challenge, sculpting my world of warcraft paladin character in Zbrush and it's my first full pose model (only made a few busts before). Started from a Zsphere and made entirely in Zbrush, it was a lot of fun and I learned so much since I started this back in 2013. Because I wasn't able to work on it more often I wasn't really sure I was ever to finish it and mostly regretted that I started with something so big, but I made it.
Now I decided to finish it as it is and move on to other things

Here are the printscreens that I started my character from. Made from WoW before they revamped the graphics:

And the process it went through. I'll post soon some of the final renders. Also I want to set up a turnable and maybe post some recordings of the whole process