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    Hi Zfriends,

    Was great to test the new wonderful features of the new version of Zbrush.

    Here some tests.

    Alien Chestburster

    the 3d printed file:

    The PixoGun (made with the new Booleans), soon i will upload a breakdown

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    Hey Guys,

    I had the pleasure to test all the new features of ZBrush 4R8 for a while and they are an amazing set of new tools... I think the VDMs and the new deformers are great new additions, but the real time booleans and the 3D Gizmo, are game changers!

    here is a series of images and WIPs I did during my time testing the BETA version...

    This cave was done mostly with VDMs and a few IMM

    Here is an example of using Booleans in a more organic way (the wood frame):

    here is the breakdown for how I used booleans on the frame:

    For this bear, I used the familiar tools to sculpt the big shapes and then I used a brush with custom VDMs to create the stylized hair

    here is a breakdown of how I used the VDMs:

    But of course, I had to test the boolean system for some hard surface modeling... it is incredible fast and makes the process of creating intricate pieces very straight forward:

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    Here are a couple of extra images using booleans

    For this one, I used the booleans in combination with ArrayMesh. For the small blueish mushrooms I created a custom VDM which makes the whole process really fast:

    For this character, I tried to use most of the new features, so there are parts created with VDMs, booleans, deformers, etc:

    Here is another example of using a combination of features but mostly the amazing real time booleans:

    finally here is another quick and silly test using VDMs (including the eyes and mouth 'bag'):

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    Default Michael Pavlovich ZB4R8

    I spent the majority of my time playing with the Live Boolean system; not because it's difficult, but because it's SO easy and the results are SO immediate, it's a little addicting. Not to mention it works seamlessly with everything in ZBrush, so just combining previous creation techniques with the booleans is an endless playground of awesome. So while I certainly gave all of the new features a spin (VDM probably being my 2nd fav feature of this release after live booleans...but the Text/SVG geo tool is SUPER awesome, AND the new gizmo transform deformers...alright I've got 4 number one favorites)

    The work I took to "most final" would be a handgun made from an old concept I had lying around, it seemed like a good candidate for some new feature exploration:

    The initial modeling was pretty straightforward, and pretty much ran the gamut; ZModeler, dynamic subdivisions (qgrid and crease levels really coming in handy to fine-tune the amount of edge hardness I wanted). Keeping subtools organized with collapsed start groups and also the ability to move multiple subtools with the stack option in the new gizmo made keeping my head straight a lot easier with lots of subtools. After it's all in place, it's just a matter of hitting the live boolean render and seeing how you want to break up your initial shapes. And the fact that you can see the booleans behaving as expected in real-time makes it a lot easier to "play" around with your booleans, and find happy accidents as you combine, subtract, and intersect your way into interesting new solutions:

    For a few of the breakdowns...first I made a recessed bevel brush with an insert button inside, so that I could plop in a cutout and split behind a button all ready to go sitting in there. You could also use a flat-cylinder top with a sphere, so you can push that bevel out dynamically as it sinks into the mesh as well!

    For the barrel rifling, I went old-school ZBrush for the initial shape, but then using the new boolean system gave the nicest, crispiest end result possible. Again, all the new tools work GREAT with the "old" methods you may be more familiar with. Basically, primitive cylinder initialize > mask col > sel 2 skip 2 and inflate. Polygroup by normal angle, crease pg, dynamic subdiv, and bam, you have a subtractive mesh to use to put some rifling on your barrels:

    I used a bit of the chisel brush for detailing out the back of the handle and other misc. panel-type cuts, but in some areas I gave Drust's tri-mesh curve brush a shot; slice to get a clean path, frame border, drop in the curve brush as a subtractive boolean, worked like a champ. Of course in this case it would have been easy enough to do in ZModeler and cut in the edges, but I accidentally dynameshed this piece, and wanted to make the sub mesh chisel curve brush anyway, so used the opportunity:

    And of course, throwing it into Keyshot using the ZBrush bridge was a no brainer for some quick previs renders, and had a little fun texturing it up and throwing it into engine as well:

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    Very cool to see everyones work :] - I never had much time to play with the new Zbrush features but the little I did I had fun - cool to see Pixologic adding some powerful new features

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    Hi All Zbrush artists!

    Finally, ZBRUSH 4R8 is here!

    It was an awesome opportunity to be a part of the beta as well.
    Thank you Pixologic for your trust.

    My favorite tools are "Live Booleans" and the "new 3D gizmo"!

    You can combine any subtools

    This model was done with a combination of different tools like:
    -Dynamic Subdivisions
    -Live Booleans

    I did a small turntable.
    Sorry there is no loop in this video

    Other renders with Keyshot.

    Zbrush viewport LIVE BOOLEAN!
    You can see your booleans in action, add more stuffs , remove, modify as you want!
    It's a real pleasure to play with this awesome tool!

    *the filesize for this part is only 33mo.

    This is different imm brushes i did with Zmodeler and used for this model,

    Now, no need to subdivide your models to add 2D alphas and get details.
    It's over!

    Just use IMM with LIVE BOOLEANS!

    Now, you can combine any subtools, mesh from obj, etc.

    last picture , just a small test with the ztl dog file with curves tools and zmodeler.

    More models will coming!

    Stay tuned!

    Happy Zbrushing!
    Vang Cki


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    Video NickZ. Zbrush 4R8 Beta Fun

    First off I wanted to say thank you to Pixologic for inviting me to have some fun with the new 4R8 beta. You all sure do treat us artist well!

    The first feature I tried out was the Vector Displacement Mesh Brushes. I had some fun making some creepy fun little monsters.

    To create these guys I created a small library of VDM brushes.

    If you would like to see the workflow that I used for creating these brushes please take a look at the video below:


    If you would like to download my example files and all the brushes that I created, please visit my gumroad page....oh...they are all free by the way!


    I also played around with the real-time booleans, this workflow is rather amazing. It is super fun to try out and explore shapes this way. I was interested in making some abstract shapes in Zbrush and pushing the results to Maya to render with Arnold.

    Here are some of the results from that workflow:

    For this one I used the deformation tools inside of the transform gizmo.

    The last shape I used Keyshot to render with. This just started out as a sphere that I added some cuts using the new booleans tools, I then used the twist deformer that exists in the transform gizmo tool.

    Also, There has been some shifting of the interface for the new ZBrush 4R8, I had to rebuild my interface to accommodate the new tools, so I thought I would share the interface and my hotkey set up for anyone who would like to try it out!


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    Hello Guys !!!

    I was super lucky to be able to test ZBrush 4r8, all the new tools are great but the new Booleans and Gizmo are amazing i think that the combination of use them with array mesh is very powerful

    Hope you like it !

    Thanks !


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    First Tests with booleans

    Some fast test with the VDM


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    For the Zbrush 4R8 beta, I have been experimenting a lot of things and most of them are related to 3D printing

    First, I'm working on a 1/1600 scale StarWars Imperial Star Destroyer, the Avenger (Episode V). It's a mix of ZModeler, but also ZSphere retopology, then boolean, the new (to do tubes, I love so much the Bend Curve!!) modifiers, ArrayMesh and so much more. The beauty of the boolean and modifiers and Gizmo is that it's working with all the ZBrush features.

    I still have a lot of work to do on such project as I will go insane in details, but the addition of the boolean, gizmo 3D and deformers as well as ZModeler makes such project easy with ZBrush.

    For the shield generator, it's a mix of parametric primitives, boolean, ZModeler and Arraymesh. using ArrayMesh makes editing easy!

    Turbolasers are just booleans and parametric primitives and few deformers.

    I did some test prints of course!

    Another great benefit for 3D printing is not only the key creation which is easy but also the hollowing which can be dynamic and the doing some dynamic slicing to check overhang and undercut parts. Because of the Live Boolean you can fix areas in realtime which is a game changer and a productivity booster!

    The 2B's pod fro mNieR Automata that I created during my previous ZBrushLive sessions. You can't imagine my frustration when I did some parts as I wanted to do them in 4R8! Then only the splits are made with 4R8 and the boolean.

    Pixologic official: Blog | ZBrushLive | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Discord
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _
    My personal 3D - 3D Printing blog: polysculpt.com

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    Default 4r8 experiments

    So as with every ZB release its a game changer. This one I changed so much for me. I am able to open up a whole new level of designing physical things. It really bridges the sculpting workflow with a cad workflow unlike any other tool. This release also fills in the gap of non linear deformers which was always something I wished I could do. I chose to showcase some less obvious things that people would want to make(rocks and plants) but I haven't gotten a ground up change in those two departments in years.

    scholar rocks modeled with booleans with non linear deformed plants

    bamboo made with new deformers and manipulators. first time it was easy to make numerous bend variations and micro rotational adjustments

    plants modeled with new primitives, non linear deformers, and manipulators. something that was always tricky to do in zb now non linear can mimic growth of plants in twists and spirals.

    hand modeled with non linear deformers, and easy pivot switching, masking and rotations.

    scholar rocks made by moving duplicating shapes in one layer while interactively seeing the direction of the cut. I have done realistic rocks loads of times but I have never been able to cut them the way erosion would. I know left these clean cut to no distract the clean stylized lines.

    after I set up the network of negative shapes I can make variations by just rotating, moving or scaling my base shape through the erosion field. Although I did enjoy cutting rocks and experimenting with which shapes worked well in the negative.

    first time I was able to iterate my 3d printing shells to adjust to printing at different scales. I can design tapers, and release holes numerous times before commiting. Its also super stable so you don't have to worry about crashes.

    for these super difficult pieces I duplicate a shape negative inflate it then cut off intersecting pieces so you can selectively weed out thin spots that overshoot really easily. you can even do a lower resolution on the inside shell easily now too

    with VDM I wanted to use other sources to create deformations I was able to make a blend shape out of marvelous designer cloth and import it back into zb to use as a brush. It was cool because it maintained correct physical volume. With this technique I can also bring in deformations done in houdini or other particle programs. As long as you keep the original grid you can pipe in your other workflows into zbrush

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