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    Question Sub-object Rotation Transform Scale - copy and paste

    Is it possible using ZScript to copy the rotation, scale and transformation properties of a sub-object and effectively paste them onto another (similar) object?

    I have a symmetrical sub-object that I'm working on, but I want to see it in situ (which is offset from the origin) and it would be very useful to swap back and forth from the two.

    Is this possible as a ZScript/plugin?

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    Scale and transform, yes. You can simply use the values in the Tool>Geometry>Position and Size sections. Rotation is more tricky because a 3D object doesn't have a rotation as far as the position of its vertices are concerned, so you'd need to record the amount the mesh is rotated using the Tool>Deformation>Rotate slider and then set/reset accordingly.

    Incidentally, the Set Pivot/Clear Pivot buttons in the Transform palette will move a subtool to the origin and back again.


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