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    So, I’ve decided that for the rest of the year - as my own special brand of protest - I am devoting myself to busts of this turd and his band of horror show dip****s. Family first, then his cabinet - I’m thinking 12-15 in all.

    I begin this journey with The Man himself - as he appears to me.

    Der Fuhrer

    I had the epiphany sometime in mid-sculpt (as I struggled hopelessly with his hairdo…) that in order to say what I wanted to say, I would require an alien cephalopod. Thinking logically, the thought occurred that were I myself an alien cephalopod bent on the Earth’s destruction, I would likely look to attach myself to the dumbest mother****er I could find. It would need to be someone clownish and blustery and incapable of self-reflection, so as not to ever come to notice the presence of an octopus on his head. With this moron puppet under my spell I would assume great power by proxy, alienate practically everyone everywhere and initiate World War III.

    That’s how I would do it, anyway.

    Next up: Melanomia.

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    This is Melanomia: Der Fuhrer's Prize.

    I tried any number of rectangular background elements to mirror the first composition (from one big gem stone, to a cluster of diamonds, to the shipping crate I like to imagine she arrived in when purchased from Slovenia), but none really seemed to read that well or add enough to keep.

    So here she appears as the Disney villain that I see when I look at her - enjoying a snack feast of bloody eyeballs plucked from Syrian refugees - if for no other reason than because she can (and you, conversely, cannot); to assert her position of social dominance - and because the specific suffering of war zone babies releases a hormone which tends to make their eyeballs extra juicy.

    That's the Tiffany's logo I've cut into her forehead, a la Quentin Tarantino, as a reminder not to ever feel sorry for this bitch in any way. Because make no mistake, she is nobody's prisoner; she's 100% bought and paid for. Her endless gluttony for obscene wealth and garish displays of privilege have deadened her to the suffering of those upon which that foundation is predicated.

    So, I say **** YOU, Melanomia - you and your cancerous pouty face. Beautiful as you are, I'm tired of looking at ya!

    Next up: Beavis and Butthead.

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    Okay, I get that people here don't so much have any interest in politics (or anything beyond The Hulk). However, I'm going to keep on posting em, so you just keep on ignoring.

    Calling this one AKA Don Don. I've made two different versions of him: Mugshot Edition and The Bambi and Thumper Mega-Mix. If you want the back stories, check me out here on Facebook, at https://www.facebook.com/artvandlay5000.

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    Since this thread has inspired such quality engagement from the politically minded ZBrush community, here is one more. I call her Sarah ****abee Slanders (for obvious reasons). If you're interested, you can gather all the appropriate sub-context here: https://www.facebook.com/artvandlay5000.

    Feel free to keep on ignoring. I've got no Hulks, Orcs and/or Spidermen for you.

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    Politics aside :-)
    Always interesting and individual work
    ......Nobody tries to be lah-di-dah or uppity--There's a cup-o'-tea for all.

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    Thanks, boozy. Always appreciated.

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