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    Default KeyShot 7 for ZBrush has been Released

    Pixologic and Luxion are pleased to announce the release of KeyShot 7 for ZBrush. Artists already using the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge know just how easy it is to send your work to KeyShot to get photorealistic renders in no time. KeyShot 7 provides more lighting controls, a more flexible UI, more materials and a variety of other new features.

    The ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge does not need to be upgraded in order to support KeyShot 7.

    Free Upgrades:
    Anyone who purchased or upgraded to KeyShot 6 on or after November 25, 2016 is eligible for a free upgrade to the same version of KeyShot 7. If you have KeyShot 6 HD you receive a free upgrade to KeyShot 7 HD. If you have KeyShot 6 Pro you receive a free upgrade to KeyShot 7 Pro. In both cases, your serial number for KeyShot 6 will also work with KeyShot 7. Download Now

    If you wish to go from KeyShot 6 HD to KeyShot 7 Pro, you will need to purchase an upgrade as explained below.

    Paid Upgrades:
    Anyone who does not qualify for a free upgrade can purchase an upgrade through the My Licenses page on Pixologic.com. When you log in, it will show your available upgrade options.

    The upgrade prices are as follows:
    KeyShot 6 HD to KeyShot 7 HD: $80 USD
    KeyShot 6 HD to KeyShot 7 Pro: $200 USD
    KeyShot 6 Pro to KeyShot 7 Pro: $160 USD
    KeyShot 7 HD to KeyShot 7 Pro: $200 USD

    All support for KeyShot is provided by Luxion. Pixologic can only extend support as far as purchasing the upgrade.

    Happy ZBrushing!

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    Awesome. What is the difference between the PRO and the HD versions? I don't really see a difference besides the price. Maybe I'm not seeing the right info.

    See https://www.keyshot.com/product-comparison/ for a chart of differences.

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    The Pro Version supports >

    • Multi-Material
    • Material Graph
    • Video Map Texture
    • Backplate Perspective Matching
    • Panoramic Camera (Cube Map, Spherical)
    • Real-time VR Rendering / Viewing
    • Model Sets
    • Studios
    • Configurator
    • HDRI Editor
    • Interactive Sun & Sky
    • Geometry Viewer / Geometry Editor
    • NURBS Ray Tracing
    • Re-Tessellate
    • Region Rendering (Realtime / Offline)
    • Render Queue
    • Render Passes
    • Render Layers
    • Python Scripting
    • Camera, Part & Material Animation
    • Camera and Studio Switch Events
    • Multiple Turntable Animations
    • Deformation Animation Support
    • Movie output (Quicktime, AVI, FLV)
    • ZPR / STL / OBJ / FBX Output
    • FlexNet Server (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
    • Floating License Manager / Borrowing
    • Interactive, HTML KeyShotXR output
    • 32 Cores Network Rendering
    • Siemens NX plugin

    While HD Version Doesn't. One or two differences

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    According to this web page, the Pro version adds the following features:

    • Render Passes and Render Layers
    • Model Sets and Studios
    • Material Graph and Scripting
    • HDRI Light Editor
    • Sun and Sky Generator
    • OBJ, ZPR/STL Output
    • Camera and Part Animation
    • Render Queue
    • KeyShot Configurator
    • VR Headset Support

    So, not as many as the previous post suggested.

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