Hey all,
Joe here: long time lurker on the ZBC forums - I've come here for years now getting inspiration and insight from everyone's incredible work.
I was a part of the now-disbanded studio at 3D Printing company Makerbot in Brooklyn awhile back; I'm finally getting around to some presentation renders of past work. Figured I'd take the plunge and make an account here to share with you all.

Below are shots of a Triceratops Skeleton model started from scratch (I visited and studied NYC's American Natural History Museum display extensively).
Also, included is a shot of an FDM test print of the skull; it was to be used as an educational model in line with the former Makerbot Digital Store's T-Rex and Stegosaurus skeleton models, but was never released.

Enjoy, and happy Zbrushing! Thanks
Joe (https://www.artstation.com/stachmo)