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    Default 2017 ZBrush Summit

    The 2017 ZBrush Summit is only a few weeks away!

    The ZBrush Summit is a 3 day event happening October 6 through 8 in Los Angeles, CA and streaming LIVE around the world.

    You can look forward to presentations from top ZBrush artists, the Live Sculpt-Off, interviews, contests and the annual ZBrush Awards.

    There will also be ZBrush Workshops taught by some of the most prominent artists in a variety of industries! Whether you are interested in VFX for film, video game asset creation, character design, or simply want to sharpen your ZBrush skills, you can learn from the best in the business with this special opportunity. Workshops have limited availability must be registered for in advance. You can learn more about them and reserve your seat at the ZBrush Summit Workshop page.

    Saturday, October 7th
    • Shane Olson: Creating Stylized Characters - SOLD OUT
    • Seth Thompson: Sculpting and Texturing Ornamental Props - ALMOST GONE
    • Furio Tedeschi: Creating Hard Surface Concepts for Film and Video Games - SOLD OUT

    Sunday, October 8th
    • Dan Katcher: How to Make a Dragon Portrait - ALMOST GONE
    • Michael Climer: Hard Surface Modeling with ZBrush 4R8 - SOLD OUT
    • Jared Krichevsky: Creative Workflow

    In addition to the exclusive workshops, the ZBrush Summit will be offering a full slate of live presentations that will be streamed LIVE around the world. Of course, the best seats in the house are in the studio (there's nothing like being there in person!) but no matter where you are, you can be in on the action. You can even communicate directly with the presenters via social media and possibly have your questions answered live.

    Can you decipher the encrypted message?

    Friday, October 6
    • Creating Creatures from Concept to Final Render - Featuring Damien Canderle of Blur Studios.
    • Sculpting Stylized Vinyl Figures with Funko
    • Sketch-2-Screen featuring the team from Aaron Sims Creative
    • The Character Art of Horizon Zero Dawn

    Saturday, October 7
    • Hard Surface with ZBrush 4R8, presented by Cki Vang
    • Marvel Studios Presents
    • Weapons of Destiny 2
    • Dan Katcher, Character Creation in ZBrush - an Inside Out Approach

    Sunday, October 8
    • XM Studios
    • Design for Production - Descendents 2 Disney
    • EA Motive
    • The Art of Shadow Warrior 2

    Sign up here to get on the official ZBrush Summit mailing list and be among the first to be notified about all Summit-related announcements!

    We look forward seeing you there!

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    Default Congratulations!!!

    Message decoded...congratulations Pixologic on 20 years of innovation!!!

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    Has it been that long? Fantastic and can't wait for the show.

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    So just to clarify, the Workshops are in person classes? They won't be streamed online anywhere?

    That is correct. The general presentations will be streamed but the workshops are on-site, only and have limited seating.

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    Ya, 20 years sounds about right. I think version 1.55b was out in 1998-99 and was the first time I used ZBrush in a community college computer lab. It was on all of the apple g4 systems, but I remember Maya was on a single machine, locked up. You had to get on a waiting list to check out the dongle to be able to use Maya.

    I didnt bother with Maya at the time because i was too absorbed in learning both ZBrush and Photoshop!!!

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    Default Gnomon

    Sweet, I picked the perfect term to attend Gnomon, didn't I?

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    very nice this post

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