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    Default Bug report: Dragging to change camera angle behaves badly on touch screens

    I'm using Sculptris on my Microsoft Surface Laptop. When I touch the screen outside the mesh and try to rotate it, it instantly changes the camera angle as if I simply clicked, and then rotates from there. This is not what happens if I use my touchpad or a mouse to do the same thing.

    This makes Sculptris extremely inconvenient to use by touch, which would be my preferred way of working. Please fix it! Also, is there a work-around? Can I disable the feature that makes it instantly change camera angle when you click? Is there a setting I can change in my operating system to make touches behave more like mouse clicks? Remove the touch delay, perhaps?

    Btw, when I say Microsoft Surface Laptop, I mean the product with that exact name. Not Surface Pro or anything like that. However, I'd imagine those devices would have the same problem. I'm pretty sure I also experienced this problem on my Tablet PC many years ago before Sculptris was acquired by ZBrush.

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    Oh, I just noticed that the problem does not occur when I use a pen on the screen, either. It's only touch. I think I know what's happening here. The pen moves the cursor around when it's in proximity, but there's no proximity feature for touch. Rather, the cursor will jump from its old location to the location of the touch the moment you touch the screen. I think Sculptris is interpreting this as a click that began at the old location and then dragged all the way to the actual touch location instantly, which is quite a long drag and results in a lot of rotation. Could you patch this somehow? Simply ignoring the initial mouse location at the very beginning of a drag would fix it.

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