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    Default Armored Titan from Attack on titan - First days on zbrush

    Hey everyone, I always was fascinated with the amazing works published here. I'm a traditional sculptor so, digital sculpting was something that often intrigued me. Recently I've started using this incredible tool that is ZBrush, this is what I did.

    My first work, using a zsphere to make a skull, this was the first time I also worked with Keyshot

    After that, a facial plane study based on Loomis's art

    I was watching this anime called "Attack on titan" or "Shingeki no Kyojin " as you prefer, and I decided to make my version of this character called "the armored titan"

    This is the original concept

    And this is my version of it, more stylized, also rendered in keyshot.

    Hope you guys like it!

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    Increíbles Trabajos Fabricio, felicitaciones!!!!!!!

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    Muchas gracias Maestro! ^_^
    Todo un honor viniendo de un genio como usted!

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