Hello. I am not knowledgeable in Zbrush and my short animated film is in need of a clean 3D character model for surfacing, rigging and animation in C4D. The Sylvester monster needs to be sculpted from concept art and the skin proportions need to be offset to accommodate heavy fur. The topology and poly flow of the face should accommodate a wide array of facial expression and the body needs be rigging ready with proper UVs, joint resolution and clean poly flow.

The character is for a 12min 3D animated short I'm creating from a children's story I wrote "Amandas Monster". I have been working toward producing this film this for almost 15 years and I am excited to collaborate with more talented artists. Please feel free to have a look at the concept art and story at www.amandasmonster.com. The monster designs I've chosen are by the brilliant concept artist Mark Behm. I also have Kate Winslet on the hook to narrate.

I am self funding this film so budget is TBD... Please provide a price for your work and comparable model samples.

Likewise, if you'd like to contribute your time and skills and be part of the 3D production, I'd love to collaborate. It's a large undertaking.

About me: I have been working fulltime in 3D animation+VFX for 20+ years, beginning as a senior animator on the infamous M&M commercials. Since then, I have animated on feature films, commercials and directed numerous 3D+2D animated projects and developed many styles and methods, including the creature transformation method for the NBC series Grimm. I also oversaw the 3D creatures on over 1000 shots for the series. I recently began a long hiatus to produce and direct Amanda's Monster and return to my passion for pure character animation and performance.

Thank you for your help and support!