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    Default Modern Combat Versus - Character Team Art Dump

    Modern Combat Versus was released world wide this week on IOS, Android and Windows Store and we would like to share with you some of the work made by the Character Art Team
    All the scuplts were mainly done in Zbrush and rendered in Keyshot using KeyshotBridge.
    For each Agents each character artist was responsible for the high-res scuplt, the retopo and texturing in Substance Painter, skinning and posing and rendering for marketing shots in Marmoset, game retopo, LODs, FP hands and first pass skinning.
    To check it out go download the game on Itunes here : http://gmlft.co/MCVS_Play

    Art Director: Serge Birault
    Art lead/lead character artist: Rodrigue Pralier
    Senior character artist: Gerard Kravchuk
    Senior character artist: Alexandre Proulx Audy
    Hugo Richard: character concept artist
    Contractors: Keos Massons, Fred Rambaud, Omid Moradi

    here is a quick break down of the work that was done :

    Rodrigue: NPC-Grunt, NPC-Elite, M0nark, Swift, Juke, Kult, Ronen

    Gerard: NPC-Heavy, Minu, Gh0st

    David Giraud: Tower

    Keos Massons: Blaze, Kan

    Pamonh Sisouk: Lock

    Bruno Camara: Creeper

    We have a lot of images and I will be updating this thread with the rest of the images throughout the day

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    very cool characters

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