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    Default WINNERS: 2017 ZBrush Live Sculpt-Off

    Congratulations to our Winners!

    Our 24 contestants were given an Alice in Wonderland theme to work with. After a grueling day of competition where everyone raced head-to-head in order to complete their characters, you were given the opportunity to vote for your favorites in each category. This year's champions are revealed below, in both the Hard Surface and Organic categories.

    Please join us in congratulating not only the champions, but all the artists! Even with the power and versatility of ZBrush, it is no mean feat to create a complete character in the short time that they were given.

    Hard Surface Entries

    Champion: Furio Tedeschi

    Second Place: Kyle Brown

    Third Place: Cki Vang

    Runners Up

    (In alphabetical order.)

    Brendon Isaiah Bengston

    Miguel CBT

    Michael Climer

    Mickael Lelievre

    Michael Michera

    Timothy Rapp

    David Schultz

    Steve Talkowski

    Oscar Trejo

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    Organic Entries

    Champion: Marlon Nunez

    Second Place: Pawel Jaruga

    Third Place: Marthin Agusta

    Runners Up

    Brett Briley

    James Cain

    Damien Canderle

    Cesar Dacol Jr.

    Dmitry Gaborak

    Suharyanto Hatmaja

    Steve Jubinville

    Dan Katcher

    David Masson San Gabriel

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    I do wish the images were linked to the respective artist's gallery.

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