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    Default Film Industry vs Video Game Industry


    As a 3D modeler, I'm trying to figure out which industry to go into (Film or Video Games).
    My goal is to be a 3D character modeler. I know how to model cartoony, Disney style characters
    and currently learning realistic character modeling.

    By knowing more then one modeling style, I hope to have more options when job searching.

    Do most of you prefer the film or game industry and why?
    I've heard both industries can be demanding, long hours and tight deadlines.
    Although I've heard the game industry is more lead back.

    Do you think it's better to have a cartoony or realistic character modeling style,
    or having more styles is better?

    Most of the bigger studios are in larger cities which can be expensive to live in.
    Salary is always a big issue. Which industry do you think pays better?

    Any advice is much appreciated.

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    Nowadays, film are adapting the video games technology so I presume you can do films based on video games.

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