Hello Everyone!

After drawing a lot of abstract illustration work in Photoshop over the years, I started to look at modelling random designs using ZBrush and how they would appear with 3D movement.

ZBrush was really great at helping to visualise the shapes I had in mind and it was a fluid/creative process of building everything - ultimately lots of fun to do!

The geometry shown below is created using a combination of different polygroups, panel loops and deformation parameters which are applied to various primitive subtools in ZBrush. (Most of the designs started off as a sphere or a cube and were adjusted with the ZModeler brush.)

The SnakeHook, Move tool and Pinch brush was used for a few of the 'graffiti' style images and once I had the designs in a good spot, I then stylised them a bit more in Photoshop.

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