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    Video Le Bat

    What up ZBC! This is my first post on this awesome forum that I've been following for years, admiring everyone's incredible work using the beautiful gift that is ZBrush.

    I just wanted to join in and share this personal work created for fun but mainly for practice. I have much to learn about the software and sculpting in general, still I hope you all enjoy this odd little bat, it was so much fun to create.

    Software: ZBrush,3DS Max, V-Ray, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop

    "Should you mistake my trademark for a spider,
    I'll ask you to open your mind a little wider.
    Though some have even thought it a cat,
    let me assure you, this /\../\ is a bat!"
    -Awesome person from CSU

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    Sweet character
    I really like the translucent glowing material renders you utilized at the start of the post.
    I think there's a really sweet personal direction that could be followed pushing this technique i.e illustratively utilizing these kind of materials to go beyond surface/object representation.
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