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    Default Changing active light and turning specific lights on/off

    Hi, I'm stumped on how to switch the active light.

    With materials, tools, alphas, and textures, I have an ItemInfo member that lets me retrieve and set the active material/tool/etc.

    However, with lights I don't have such a thing. I thought I could simply retrieve the button states of each light, but then I found out that the buttons all have the same interface path! All 8 buttons have the path, 'Light:Light Switch' and I can't activate/query specific ones through IPress and IGet.

    Perhaps I can access the specific ones through a window ID? If so, I'm stumped on how to retrieve windows IDs. Someone posted earlier that it can be displayed under preferences/utilities, but I don't see it.

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    Oops! I didn't realize that fifth number in the preferences/utilities section represented window ID. I'll see what I can do now - I noticed the window IDs for the lights range from 1556 to 1563.

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    Ok, I'm fine now! IGet and ISet work just fine with the window IDs for the light buttons. In fact, they're even more convenient since I can simply offset the numbers by the index to retrieve the specific light.

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