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    Hey guys this will be my sketchbook where I will post all sculpting and 3d printing work I do. I hope I get some feedback suggestions and conversations.

    Thats my first post.
    It's a multiple part model kit I created using Zbrush Core.
    I somehow liked the idea of a aggressive snail resting on her nest with her babys.

    So I decided to use something from our world as a main point in the sculpt.
    From the beginning I modeled it with 3d Printing in mind.

    This is the final model I will print.

    The first thing I did was modeling the Snail in a Tpose.

    Then I posed it a bit and printed it on my Formlabs Form 2 to look if the size and proportions are right.
    I really liked it.
    It's about 80mm long and took about 12 hours to print with a resolution at 25 microns.

    I really liked the size and design. The only thing I changed was the "ears" I changed them to little humps with holes instead of long horns.
    Then I created the baby snails. For that I used the main body of the adult but I made the eyes bigger and the teeth and antennas smaller and thicker so I can print them.

    Then I created the golf ball and posed the adult on top of it.
    After that I posed the babys and created the environment out of dynamesh spheres.

    Now I print one peace after another.
    At this point I printed the left baby snail.
    Print time arround 4 hours at 25 microns

    This is the model out of the printer

    This is the finished model

    So thats everything I finished until now on this project I hope you like it.
    Fell free to comment everything you want I looking forward to hear some tips, questions, and thoughts.
    I will post all updates and WIPs as soon as possible.

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    Today I got the right snail baby and her rock printed.
    I am so happy that the fit together perfect without any cleanup or cutting to the key
    The Rock printed in 50 microns and took about 2 hours 30 minutes.
    The Snail printed at 25 microns and took about 3 hours.
    Hope you like the print as much as I do.

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