Hi, I'm having problems again with 2D arrays. I tried this code:

[VarDef, test(2)(2) ]

[VarSet, test(0)(0), 1]
[VarSet, test(1)(0), 2]
[VarSet, test(0)(1), 3]
[VarSet, test(1)(1), 4]

[Note, test(0)(0) ]
[Note, test(1)(0) ]
[Note, test(0)(1) ]
[Note, test(1)(1) ]

Unless the lack of sleep is really getting to me and I am overlooking something ridiculous, I think this code is okay and should be printing "1", "2", "3", "4". Instead, it prints, "1", "3", "3", "4."

If they aren't supported, I can simply simulate 2D array with a 1-dimensional one with 4 elements, for instance, but I want to make sure.