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    Default Clip Curve fixer macro

    I´m here seeking your magical zbrush knowledge in the dark arts of zscripting and macros.

    Example case:
    Cut with a curve the side of this:

    The problem:
    If you use Trim Curve to make something that is not a straight line; you get this:

    If you use Clip Curve in the same situation you get this:

    What to do, what to do....
    -Here it is a Macro/Idea-
    You will have to push one hotkey before you use Clip Curve and one hotkey after. And you must be in dinamesh with project turn on and SubProjection at 0.6 (default).

    Actions of the first Macro (assigned to hotkey):
    1-duplicates the current subtool
    2-sets that duplicated subtool to AND (or Substraction)
    3-sets the visibility of the duplicated subtool to off
    4-reselects the original subtool

    Actions of the second Macro (assigned to hotkey):
    1-merge current subtool with the one below
    2-re-dynamesh with AND option

    I made the two macros, but i have a problem with some parts of the first.

    In the first macro, the steps 2 and 3 are not registered.
    I suppose that those actions are not click macroable?
    How can I include them?

    The second macro works great.

    After all the actions the result its a perfect cut:

    Thats all.
    Thanks !

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    Whoooa !!!
    Thanks a lot Marcus !

    Works like a charm

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