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    Default Pink Dress

    molding: from the program with a C zbrush
    clothing design: des designs
    hair: plugin Ornatrix
    visualization: in-RA

    Illustrate was created to advertise perfume with a soft Kris veterinary, which personifies the image of the sensual and romantic essence of the girl in the dew. The dress factor is like a blossoming button.
    For a greater realist, we drew attention to hair and clothing details, Polar's flying fabric properties, which couples represent a link, a color Peter and a clad balance.

    Наша цель заключалась в создании крючком, элегантное и свежее настроение, что бы подчеркнуть аромат духов.

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    Please take away that Mature Audience thing. There is no reason for it and no one will look at it with this. Your work is really incredible and you should make it visible to all.

    If I could, I would write this in Russian.

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