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    Default cant launch sculpturis

    hey everybody

    my sculpturis is impossibil to launch 2-3 times a year, and its totally unpredictabale.
    I have tryed to shot down computer & restart, uninstall Sculpturis, and install again - Nothing helps.
    Then after 1-2 weeks it come again, and working totally fine, - i have no idea what to do.
    My computer is an ordinarry 1,4 gz and 4 gb ram computer, which work very fine all the othe time - until sudenly
    this happens.
    It show the Sculpturis icon in the start, - and then nothings happen
    What can i do- that i have´nt done, and which will work.
    Suggestions please.

    regards Frank Fenriz

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    Default re Can't Launch Sculptris

    Hi Frank,
    Dont think it's you; If you browse the Web you will find alot of users find Sculptris wont Launch under Windows 10.

    I was very much hoping to find an answer in this forum. And if any Dev/Moderator can provide a link or a configuration for Launching Sculptris under Win 10. I too have returned to 3D Art and Modeling after a year long lay off and I much prefer to Sculptris for creating UVs to any other app I have access too.

    TY BB.

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    Default thoughts of scculpturis can´t launch

    hey Blacbird

    i´m start to wonder if it´s more an problem from the computer, with the path from the starting icon to the program, -but
    thats a kind of coding problem, that difficult to deal with beeing a creative maker, and not an coding enginer.
    i wonder

    regards Frank Fenriz

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    Default Possible fix for Sculptris not launching

    Try running it in compatibility with Windows 8. That is the only way I can use it because I am using Windows 10 64 bit.

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