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    Default Nick Shepperd- Sculpts and Daily Sketches

    Hey All,
    I wanted to post my most recent sculpt to kind of give a good beginning to this new thread. I started off based roughly on a succubus illustration but slowly it became its own beast. Really enjoyed working on the shape and anatomy. Would love any critiques or comments!

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    Daily Sketch for today. Study of Goku by Rodrigue Prailer (original here https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Lw6kw)

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    Sculp for 3/13. Did a Krillin study based off of Luis Marulanda's study on Artstation.

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    Default Daily Sculpt 3/14

    Did a sculpt roughly based off of Hafiz Faizal's awesome Okai sculpt. You can see his original on his instagram here-> (https://instagram.com/p/Bf6lkHdhiFt/). Not quite there but enjoyed the process and practice is practice. Gotta put my time in. Reminds me a bit of a Disney style character though.

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    Default Daily Sculpt 3/15

    Daily Sculpt for Skull Wednesday 3/15. Did a quick decoration pass after my normal Wednesday skull study. Looking pretty cool. Needed something to pop out because skulls all start to look the same.


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    Default Daily Sculpt 3/16

    Just another stylized sculpt. working on cartoony characters is helping adjust where my anatomy knowledge meets stylized proportions. They seem to have been good exercises.

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    Default Orc wip

    Been spending an hour here and there on an orc between homework assignments and daily sketchs. Figured I would post where I am at after testing out the first half of the skin secondary details and throwing up a quick skin paint. Very heavily based on Pale Orc 3d Art by Eugene Lukashevich.

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