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    Default general scripting questions

    2 Quick questions regarding zscripts:
    Is there a scripting resource for one to learn the syntax and flow of the language other than looking at other scripts? Is there any kind of scripting guide?

    Second, are zbrush plugins compiled or just scrpits load in the plugin window?


    Scott Spencer

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    Hi Scott,

    More on scripting resources... have a look at this thread.

    I believe ZBrush expects to find a file with a .ZSC extension in the ZPlugs folder to automatically load the plugin.

    The compiled version of a ZScript is automatically generated in the same folder as the .TXT script the first time you load the ZScript file. So you have to load the plugin once to generate the file with the required .ZSC extension.


    p.s. Source ZScripts are an excellent way to learn some of the obscurities and eccentricities of ZScript syntax and technique.

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