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    Default Mazilla Bronze Statue for Mathews Elementary School

    The grand unveiling took place on Friday and Mazilla was introduced to the students at Mathews Elementary in Austin, Texas. Designed by BJ Heinley, who invited me to model the beast which would then be rapid-prototyped, cast into wax and finally into bronze.

    This is the biggest, and heaviest, monster that I've worked on to date, no doubt about it.

    The initial sketch by BJ:

    Roughing out the beast:

    Final sculpt:

    Large format rapid-prototyping:

    The wax master ready to cast in bronze at the foundry:

    My kids are pretty blase about most of my toy design work, but this one blew their minds:

    Big thanks to BJ Heinley and Mathews Elementary for giving me a chance to work on this amazing project! I really think it's going to be a neighborhood landmark for 100 years. Oh and it's also a time capsule!

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    Very nice execution!
    Ben | 3DGladiator.com

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    I love such project when going to digital to the real world!
    I'm curious about the cost of the final statue, just casting such mass of bronze should be very expensive!
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