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    Question Cintiq Touch vs Non-touch for Zbrush?

    Hello folks,

    I've been doing research into possibly getting a Cintiq tablet pen display, and I was wondering if wacom have fixed the issues regarding the touch functionality some users have reported.

    I'll be using it for Zbrush, Substance Painter and photoshop, and i'll be using it as a second desktop display, not an extension of my first one, so the displays won't be mirrors of each other, as my regular 27" monitor is only 1080p and is not touch enabled, and i'm wondering if the touch strips on the 22HD/Touch rings on the XpressKey remotes that come with the 24/27QHD (depending on which model i go for) can be programmed to do things like zooming, panning and camera rotation inside zbrush, panning probably not, but zooming and camera rotation? (I know they can zoom and canvas rotate in photoshop though)

    I recently watched a video of someone using a 22HD touch in zbrush, and I don't think he touched the touchring or strips once.

    I know you can't use the touch functions while having the pen on the screen, but that does not bother me at all, i'd never try to do that anyway.

    Or is the touch functionality still so bad that it's just not worth the extra 300 or so £££, and i'd be better of just getting the non-touch version?


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    I think you can wear the glove to avoid making skin contact with the touch feature.
    I started zbrush on dell optiplex with a pentium 4...it was a rough year to learn zbrush.

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