I love this expression when your mad angry with someone !

Link to TURNTABLE animated GIF

Production Note:

I started this model as Dynamesh for the main two characters then I used the Decimation Master and ZRemesher and sub divisions for sculpting . I used ZModeler and subdivisions to box model the tongue, hat, eye tubes, eyes and winged reptile. The reptile I initially modeled with ZSpheres and the ZModeler brush. I used ZSphere topology to model the wings. I then created UV maps and Texture maps for each part ( although not used in Keyshot). I used the Transpose Master to pose the characters. I then linked via the ZBrush External Renderer option to Keyshot to add materials and environment lighting and to create the animated turntable. I used the PNG file sequence from this render to create the animated GIF in Photoshop. This model could be rigged and animated as it is all quad polygons with good topology with UV maps, texture maps, normal and displacement maps.