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    Default LucasMC Creature SketchBook

    Hello !!!

    Hope you guys are doing very well

    I notice that i haven't been around the forum for way to long so i decided to start from scratch !!!

    i really want to feed my brain with more of the amazing stuff you guys post everyday .

    So this is a mix if some of my last stuff hope you guys like !

    Thanks a lot !!!

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    Hello ! this one is my latest sculpt hope you like it !

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    Default Onikuma

    Hello guys !

    this is guy is call Onikuma ! is a personal concept work trying to explore colors, shapes and contrast !

    hope you like it

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    I love that your monsters have some fat on them. It makes them seem more natural. Most monsters here are totally on low carb diets.

    I also really like that rough wood-like bone texture on Onikuma.

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    Default Crazy details love it :)

    Crazy details love it can you show break down too ??
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    Shanky Rajput : thanks a lot man ! i will try to do a breackdown when i get a bit of time

    teruchan : thank you very much very happy that you guys liked it !

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