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    I wanted to try this but the file you have provided keeps erroring out. Error while reading m_pCurves Object:

    Which version of ZBrush are you using? Assuming it's ZBrush 2018.1, please try downloading the file again. If it's not, then you'll need to upgrade first.

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    Video The Zbrush Michelangelo Challenge

    My attempt at Zbrush Michelangelo challenge. It was a fun and challenging given the time limit is only 15 minutes and you're only limited to sculpting on a block. Helped me learned what I need to work on. Also I added the video process at the end

    Here's a process of the video

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    Default ZBrush Challenge 2018 - Playful Baby Elephant

    My attempt at The ZBrush Michelangelo Challenge, which also happens to be the 1st timelapse I recorded. Completed in just slightly over 15 minutes.

    Was using a WIP playful baby elephant project of mine as a reference.


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