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    One of the things that I do besides creating new digital sculpts for cnc milling out of limestone, is repairing 3D scans of existing ornamental architecture. A lot of times those original pieces have become weathered or damaged and I either fix the scan or re-create the piece digitally to restore it to it's former glory. Sometimes I have a detailed drawing or photo of the original(before the damage) and sometimes I just have to figure it out on my own. It can be a tricky process but it's also fun lol. (For size reference the eagle is about 4 feet tall)


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    Here's my slow work in progress of my version of Dead Hand from Ocarina of Time. It scared the crap out of me when I was a kid so I figured why not try to make it creepier haha. Eventually I'll 3D print it.
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    These are some personal pieces that I'm slowly working on. Eventually I'll 3D print the ghost girl pendant. For the plague doctor head candle and the zombie head Wacom pen holder I want to print them and then cast them in resin. Might sell those eventually. For the Wacom pen holder I used the ZProject Wacom file that comes with ZBrush.
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    One of my personal digital sculpts that I created a few years ago. I had it printed in brass a few months ago. The print turned out nice. I've also included the renders of the original digital sculpt(the one with the paper background).

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    I will be designing some new stuff here shortly : )
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    Here are four large stone medallions that I digitally sculpted a few months ago(CNC milled and hand finished by master carvers) that are being installed in a Catholic church. I didn't get a lot of say with the designs lol. I'll post better pictures later when I find some.

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    Here are the digitally sculpted(ZBrush) versions of the four medallions.

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    Default DICOM(CT Scan data) to 3D Printable File

    For anybody that is interested in another way to use ZBrush, when used along with programs like 3D Slicer, OsiriX, or InVesalius etc. you can take the DICOM image information from a CT scan and turn it into a 3D printable model. Takes about an hour or so to learn how to do so, but it's still pretty interesting. Here are two renders of a rib cage and lungs(before I've started cleaning them up or anything). Zbrush is pretty awesome for these types of things because of the high poly count that it can work with. Here are some links to some of the free programs.



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