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    Default zBrush on an iPad is Awesome! (Video)

    I didn't see much of any test of using zBrush on an iPad using the new builds of Astropad, so I decided to investigate it myself and upload the results. First thoughts - this is awesome! But not just in a novelty kind of way, this is actually piratical.

    Astropad has come a very long way, and I was so impressed by its wireless performance and workflow I made a video on it. I think there's a really great future for using zBrush on an iPad. I strongly suggest giving it a try if you've got a Mac + iPad or are thinking of investing in a Cintiq.


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    Fantastic video. Really appreciated.

    I looked into this kind of workflow a couple of years back now and it just wasn't practical with iPad. The performance was something of a bottleneck but the modifier keys issue was a dealbreaker. Looks like everything is pretty solved now

    Might well look into the new iPad Pros when they release...

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    I can't wait for the day Pixologic announces Zbrush or Sculptris on Ipad.
    Astropad Studio seems nice, but only for Mac users unfortunately.

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    Amazing version of the tab.

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