After finishing my Procedural Fabric Pack_01 I've decided to create a simple model to better illustrate the use and quality of the details maps. The model was never intended to be a portfolio showcase piece so some of the elements as well as the design itself are very basic and serve solely as a means to show how it all works on a production asset.

I've tried to use as many detail maps from the pack as possible but some were still left out, while others – leather in particular – are rather hard to notice. Nevertheless, I do hope this is a good illustration of the work that I've done on the pack. The presentation was created fully in Unreal Engine 4 with some relatively complex shaders set up in there. But everything you see on the character has been done using the contents found in my pack.

I've used Zbrush quite heavily as I never rely on Marvelous Designer to give me the end result of the clothes but I've also used some additional technique to create detail on the geometry that don't involve Zbrush directly. I'm planning to make a tutorial to show exactly what I'm talking about.

Here's the link to my Gumroad page:


And here's a bit of an overview as to how the contents of the pack can be used: