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    Default Tweeterhead Super Powers Starfire Maquette, Perez version

    This piece made it's debut at the Tweeterhead booth at SDCC 2018 as a print by Jason Wires Productions. Credit also goes to Sam Greenwell who started the piece. This was a fun, quick sculpt on an insane deadline, just how I like em! It was a challenge to keep true to the Perez original style, with a bit of an updated look. These are keyshot renders of the Zbrush sculpts, plus one shot of the print from the booth. Had a fantastic time at the Zbrush Summit, got to say hi to Paul Gaboury, Louie Tucci, and Josph Drust, who I thanked for all those tutorials that got me started in this journey.

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    Thumbs up Charming...

    Is beautiful that please without concept! ( Me and maybe also E Kant)
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    Mmmm her pose reminds me of something...

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