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    Default Macro error for Remesh by Union

    Hi everyone,
    I made a macro file to make few simple steps to clear/unmask all , then Remesh by Union , then press Accept & switch to Draw mode.

    when I run that macro, zbrush gives me error message like below in Remesh by Union:

    What is wrong with that zbrush command? I attached the macro TXT file if someone wanna take a look.

    what i do is:
    -I have a mesh on screen, i am in sculptris mode, i choose IMM brush, insert its mesh
    -switch to gizmo mode , be sure that both meshes interset, run the macro, the error shows.
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    the issue with your script is that part which cannot run :

    [IPress,Transform Type:Remesh By Union]
    [IPress,Transform Type:Accept]

    because what you see as menu and items when you click on the orange gear,is not reachable by scripting.
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    Oh i see now :/ , thx for telling me.

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