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    Talking cuixinhang Sketchbook

    Monster killing zhanxie

    Share my new sculptures for everyone
    At the same time thank my teacher zhelongxu for your help

    That day

    a purple-haired girl wearing a sword
    Accompanied by lightning and storm
    Eliminate confusion
    Break the darkness
    It is not unbeaten to let the people realize that chaos for the first time.
    The name of the girl called the goddess is zhanxie

    hope u like : )

    A Free creator,Currently living in China

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    Default Loïc Muzy's Monster in snow

    Loïc Muzy's Monster in snow (Material and W.I.P)

    The original author of this work is by Loïc Muzy's(
    Making material in Substance Painter
    Rendering in Iray
    hope u like : )

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    Fabulous sculpts. Would love to see Monster in Snow printed. Congratulations on well deserved Top Row.

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    Cool The Girl and..

    ...th Beast!
    Is beautiful that please without concept! ( Me and maybe also E Kant)
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    The last piece is great! Very cool work!!
    Ben | 3D Gladiator

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