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    Default 1011 Sketchbook

    Hi, I'm starting my sketchbook here. Please to meet you ZBrushers

    Knight from the Army of Wool Concept by Tahra Art
    tested out Damien's fibermesh technique he showed during ZBrushSummit this year
    used with xgencore

    Turntable at my Artstation post.

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    It's Pounce de Leon!

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    Default Colour Thief

    Hello Again,
    This is our 3D Short Animation created during our Masters at Animal Logic Academy.

    I was responsible for hardsurface sculpting of the Drones from sculpt concepting all the way to modeling/UV/Retopo to hand off to other departments.
    I was also responsible for the angelic statues and their broken varieties.

    I'm linking my artstation here as well where you can see the turntables. Thanks!

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    Default Personal Project

    Just studying a quadruped animal anatomy and the HD geometry workflow

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    Red face

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    Default Failed Attempt

    Stormlight Archive Fan Art
    Kaladin Stormblessed

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