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    Default Man with No Name/Blondie - Clint Eastwood WIP

    Hi all!

    I've been meaning to revisit my original sculpt for quite some time now! Here are some early stage WIP images

    Here are some older WIP images:

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    Last bit of progress before I head to bed for the night

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    Added a really basic poncho Still missing frills, plus the texture on it is pretty garbage. I also started roughing out the spurs and gun belt.

    In this image I also wanted to test how the mesh holds up in different lighting conditions, the render on the left is more of a bright/sun light scenario, the right is more of a dusk/evening render.

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    Last little bit of progress for the day, loads to do still!

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    New eyes, better hat (still adding the detailing to the leather band & hat itself), better poncho, more squinty face, more details on the shirt (still have to properly do his vest), better pants, the poncho now has tassels, cleaner poncho texture (but needs more depth), and better shape to the boots.

    The whole thing needs more surface detail, but he's getting close! Will upload some images of him without the poncho tomorrow night since I added his belts and holster as well

    Going to do the spurs and dirt layer last Kind of like the cherry on top

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    Sorry for the Eastwood spam But all of the main elements/meshes are now in place except for the holster and pistol! Off to the final detail stages

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    Here are some more clay versus color renders. Added the holster and a temporary pistol!

    Since I suck at modeling weapons, I used this fantastic free Colt Navy 1851 model by Sketchfab artist fevzialtuncu:


    It's pretty great! Eventually I will sit down and model my own, but I needed something to get the proportions of the holster right when I was modeling it. I will eventually model my own Colt, and yes...it'll have the Snake symbol embedded on the grip.

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    More Clint Eastwood/Man with No Name progress

    Working on the details I'm currently in the progress of sculpting the fur collar on the vest. Then I'll work my way out to his other assets

    He's coming together slowly but steadily!

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    More Clint/Blondie progress. Finally got to sink some more time into the hat and poncho. Just have some detail work on his fur collar and adding a bunch of dirt left.I also gave him thicker eyebrows and scaled the eyes up (the pupil and iris were too small).

    Very close to done with modeling Then animation time!!!

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    OMG, are you KIDDING???? This is EPIC!!! How in the HELL did you achieve such a likeness. It seems like it would take forever haha

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