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    Default Donald Trump 3d model

    Hello guys,
    as a 3d artist, I needed the next challenge. I have never done an organic human before, so I decided to make Donald Trump. It is not for a particular reason that I like him, but it is done for a specific campaign I'm working on. It will be a lot of fun, will share later.
    Hair was done in Ornatrix.
    If you are interested in buying this model visit https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models...-trump-1356151

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    Default unnerving and off


    When it comes to political figures it is always important in my opinion to decide definitively whether it is a propaganda piece,
    a caricature, a real life likeness or whatever else. In this example I feel that you have not reached a position on any of these fronts.
    The image does not have a near enough likeness to make it a real life study.
    The absence of realism is offset by a very weird looking facial expression that does not fall into caricature either and then one has to ask
    what possible campaign are you referring to in your statement? Is it a propaganda theme? If so then we are
    getting into politics and here we would not really want to go in this forum as it is very contentious.
    Whether you like the man or not, whether you agree with his policies or not, whether you support him or not is not really appropriate
    here in this forum as it will be viewed by many as an affront and cause a debate that is not appropriate here in my opinion.
    To conclude: Even if you absolutely hate the man which I hope you do not as he has been a very good president so far, it is not acceptable
    in my opinion that you disrespect the office he holds. He is the President of our nation and as such deserves the respect attached to that office.
    Please consider my statement and rethink your efforts.

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    C'mon, quite a harsh and unnecessarily hostile respond from you, ChristianOK. I find raxodist's thread pretty neutral, with no reason to bring up that strong liking or disliking Trump opinions. He just said "It is not for a particular reason that I like him...", and that's it. Nothing particularly provoking. I'm from Finland, so Trump doesn't affect my life at all. But for me politics is a neutral thing, and I have no reaction, opinion or care for it, whatever it is about, lol. I only care about art.

    But it seems, that you're quite a Trump supporter, which is fine and all, but you don't need to tell others that "it's not acceptable to not to like, support, or respect in sense Trump". In general, I've noticed that political discussions get heated very sensitively, so it's better not to discuss about it in anywhere else, than in a specific forum dedicated to political stuff.

    Coming back to to raxodist's work, to me it looks like a likeness study, so it's not "important" to have a specific subject regarding political figures, you're way too pushy with this subjet man, relax.

    But yeah, likeness is off. Needs more focus on primary and secondary anatomical shapes apart from detailing too early. It's an okay start, but pushing those basic things could make it even better.

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