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    Default Christopher Tackett Art Book 2019

    Wow, it's been a several years since my last real art post. I have to do better at making time for my own stuff! Anyway, this is some fan art of Ahsoka Tano from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series. I was initially wanting to just to make her into a 3D print, but I decided to make her into a realtime textured character as well using Substance Painter and Marmoset. I had recently acquired the software, but never used them before, so this was a good project to use them on and learn with. Topology wasn't a big concern as she's not for a game, so the model just needed to be clean for unwrapping, not optimized polycount for a game. At some point I will be printing her on my Form 2. At that point, I'll upload some photos of that. The following are high quality renders from Modo, and some screen caps from Marmoset.

    Christopher Tackett

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    These look amazing! Just found your work and really enjoy your stylized characters, particularly the old man with the flute, reminds me of the old Disney concept art.

    I also ran into your materials in the matcap repository, they look incredible, especially the distressed stone. The links appear to be broken, I was wondering if you are still offering them and would be willing to repost them?

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