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    Hey all, first post here!

    Just looking to get some feedback/critique on the anatomy/likeness/overall sculpt I'm working on.
    Its a work in progress likeness sculpt of Donald Glover (of Community fame).

    (Haven't worked much on the back of the head and back of the ears area).

    Started from my own base mesh I created in Maya.

    Any and all feedback will be appreciated.

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    Looking good so far - comments on a quick scan without eyebrows or beard....
    The slope down to the supraorbital margin from the frontal bone - needs a little more scoop. Always more evident on the 3/4’s
    The fleshiness of the alar tracing the nostril needs a little more margin of transition where plane turns.
    Area under the bottom lips needs more flesh at the outer margins to give his particular expression of mouth.
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