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    Here's a portrait of Dr. Manhattan my favourite super hero, and probably the most powerful blue dick swinging badass ever. This is my interpretation of the character( not the actor Billy Crudup), I used the comic book ( of course I have it), other artworks and some shots from the movie as well for reference. I loved the scene when he tones down his glowing for the cameras to tv shoot. I sculpted the head in Zbrush, used Substance painter for the textures, and assembled the scene in Maya. I used Xgen for hairy stuff. I was always fascinated by the idea as Moore gave basically God power to one of his characters he's instantly loses his interest in the humankind and renders the whole existence of human meaning futile. And refers to the world as 'A clock without a craftsman.'

    Thanks for looking.

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    I adjusted the symbol on the forehead as I wasn't satisfied with it being flat.

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