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    Default Patrick Masson's Works and WIP

    Hi, I am new to this forum so I might start by a small presentation. I am Patrick Masson, I am a freelance traditional sculptor working in Miniature Industries for companies like CMoN, Guillotine Games, Studio McVey and many others.
    I am using zbrush when I can but want to improve and make more stuff hopefully.

    Please find here a project I did in 2017 called "LIFE and DEATH"
    My first finished digital project.
    Fully sculpted by me with Zbrush, rendered by my brother Thierry Masson using Redshift

    This work as been nominated for the Spectrum 25 awards in the Dimentional Category
    Hope you'll find it interesting.


    a link to the 360° of the sculpt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1DETN55v98
    and a 360° of the rendered piece https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-hjGRhzNF8

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    Default Dagon

    Some time after the personal "Life and Death" piece I realized a commission using Zbrush.
    Please find below some pictures of DAGON a piece I have sculpted for "Cthulhu Death May Die" a game by CMoN

    Fully sculpted in ZBrush, rendered in Redshift by my brother Thierry MASSON
    The thin black lines you may see on the model are the cuts for the production as this is a piece produced in plastic for the game.

    It is based on a concept by the awesome Adrian Smith.

    I choose the digital way because I thought it would be easier than my traditional way, it was not the case in fact as my knowledge of Zbrush was not good enough.
    Anyway I learned a lot doing it.

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    Default Reflection

    Here is my latest project, more than one year after the "Life and Death" piece, I found the time to work on this idea .

    "REFLECTION" dedicated to my Popa

    I have been working on this piece in a very condensed time and with a very special mood.
    The end piece will be realized in Bronze hopefully this year

    Fully Sculpted in Zbrush by me
    Rendered in Redshift by my brother Thierry Masson

    I am so proud and happy to be nominated with her for an Award in Spectrum 26 in the Dimensional Category.
    I do not often find the time to do personal works and this recognition is very important to me as it encourages me to pursue in that move.

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    so beautiful

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    Thank you

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    Great work : )

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