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    Default The Journey of the Waterbear - Shortfilm about Tardigrades!

    Ever wondered how a tardigrade sees the world? Well...wonder no more, because we proudly present:

    “The Journey of the Waterbear” - The epic adventures of a tiny tardigrade, from the deepest depths of the ocean up into eternal space.

    Here is the first teaser of the fully CG animated shortfilm/musicvideo we´re working on:

    We´re also gearing up towards a crowdsourcing campaign to get the shortfilm done, so we need all the shares and follows we can get. If you love tardigrades, spread the word!


    The short film is a cross platform collaboration with talented artists from all around the world dedicating their skills and passion into making something awsome amd unique.

    While most shading, lighting, scene assembly and rendering is done in 3ds Max, we´re also animating in Maya, doing FX with houdine and modelling with Blender, and naturally, Sculpting with Zbrush!!

    We´re still looking for new members for all departments, so if you are interested, you can apply to all open positions here:


    There is also more background info and WIP images on our website:


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