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    Video Goku Kid with Flying Nimbus - WIP

    Hi guys, my name is Claudio Abraham and this is my WIP of Goku Kid with his Flying Nimbus.
    It's also is my first digital sculpture, and the first I show here in this forum.
    I'm a traditional sculptor and as i'm turning into digital, I wanted to share this progress in ZBrush, to have your feedback.
    So comments and constructive opinions are welcome!

    It's a WIP so I'm concious that is still missing these fixes:

    - The rope, the holder of the Power Pole, and the shoes.

    - Get better the dynamic movement of the belt in the air. It's still very stiff.

    - All the general smoothing, there are lots of imperfections to fix yet.

    - The cloth foldings, still need improoving, and the folds of the back are not done yet.

    Here i leave you the preview of the sculpt, color and silhouette.

    Hope you like it! Feedback is appreciated and welcome!

    Polyskin Colored:





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    Here are some close ups... still lot of smoothing and refining left...
    Feedback and comments are welcome!

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