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    Default ZBrush 2019 BETA - Pablo Munoz Gomez

    The new ZBrush 2019 is an absolute gem. There are so many new workflows to discover and so many things you can do with all the new features... every time that I open it, I feel the need to try at least one new thing...

    A huge thanks to the Pixologic team for making me part of the testing team. It was really fun and exciting to see the development of these new features and very inspirational to see what the other artists in the Beta were doing!

    Here are some of the stuff I did while testing ZBrush 2019.

    This is one of the main images I worked on 'The hunter of the flying stingrays' - It is one of the two illustrations I did as a tribute to Moebius trying to mimic his style and line quality with the filters in ZBrush:

    Here is a breakdown of some of the variations I did while refining this filter set:

    'Reverence' is the second scene I worked on using the 'Moebius filter set' - I also used this one to test the new folders! very useful to organize the scene and duplicate assets (rocks and the characters):

    Also here is a breakdown of this image (the two renders on the right are just a quick clown pass I did in keyshot to test the accuracy of the camera portability.... and of course it is SPOT ON!)

    I also had lots of fun with the new Snapshot3D... it just makes it so easy to build complex shapes, here is a little gun using 100% snapshot 3d (except for the pattern in the handle which is surface noise and the little screws which are IMM):

    Also, the sci-fi explorer car from the first image is a combination of Snapshot 3D, ZModeler and default IMM brushes. Here is a more 'realistic' render from keyshot:

    I spent lots of time focusing on the NPR filters because they are just fantastic... and quite liberating! I love getting the 2D imperfections and 'happy accidents' using the filters to break up the accuracy of the 3D objects.

    Here is a quick test I did with a single filter applied over a render with different materials (the shading of different materials/matcaps have a big impact on the render if the filters are set to work with the intensity of values):

    Another filter I worked on to make the 3D render look like charcoal:

    a sketchy blue pencil filter and a drone created with Snapshot 3d:

    and another dude I made with a more 'pixel art' feel to it (the model is awful literally an adaptive skin from ZSpheres, but filters are magic):

    I've also worked on other filters to emulate oil painting and a few different styles form the 'old masters' and impressionism but I need to organize those renders first. I'll post them here and update you with some more images soon!

    I hope you like these images!

    Pablo M.
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    Hey guys, I managed to organise all the render tests and other bits and pieces I did during the BETA testing, so here is another batch of images...

    Here is the ZBrush scene I made to test and produce the various 'oil painting' filters

    And here are the result of the different filter sets (one click BPR renders):


    (you can play around with this one yourself, it's included in the filters folder of ZBrush 2019. it works best with the skin shade 4 and polypaint).


    'Manet' alla prima

    impressionism 'bright filters'


    'Van Gogh' (with a different scene):



    All of these filters are a 'one-click' render pass, here are other shots of the same scene as an example:

    Hope you guys like these!


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    Such a pitty that so many pics are broken

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    Knacki, are they still broken for you? We're seeing all of them.

    Questions about using ZBrush? Check out these valuable resources:

    ZBrush Tutorial Movies: Link
    Download Center: (PDF documentation, models, plugins): Link

    Online Documentation: Link

    ZBC FAQ: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/faq.php
    ZBC Advanced Search:

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    Just amazing. I have so many ideas going through my head at the moment of how I could use these!

    "'Reverence' is the second scene I worked on using the 'Moebius filter set'"

    Really love that art you created, looks fantastic. Did you color "Reverence" in zbrush as well? Or did you take the image into photoshop and use specific brushes? I would love to try and do art like that but don't how to color it.

    Also, can you tell me which render setting you are using to get the lines and shadows the way you did? Thanks!

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    Ahhh - here they are.
    And how lovely these renders are!

    Don't know what was wrong. Firefox, Win 10 - some strange ways of bit & bytes?
    Thank you very much for asking.

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    Question landscape scene

    Hi Pablo,

    it's very impressing (although my personal field is photorealism .

    But I have a different question:
    How did you manage to build and arrange a complete landscape scene in zBrush?
    Until now I would do this in Maya and use zBrush only for producing assets.

    It would be great, if you could give an insight to this, I haven't seen that before…
    Has it to do with the new subtool folders or new camera system?


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